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How to Invest in Bitcoin

Tuur Demeester explains what is Bitcoin and how he discovered it. He says Bitcoin is important because it is private money and that this is and will be a concern of many people. Demeester tells that while he was looking for solutions to the financial system and spending time in Latin America to get to know how people act, he found Bitcoin in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

He says Bitcoin is useful in many ways and one of the benefits is that there´s no person in the middle in order to do a transaction or store capital. Also says that Bitcoin is going through a process called hyper-monetization. In the beginning it was something new and kind of a game, but now has evolutioned.

He adds that exists a situation of central financial planning and that if we want to change things, we have to build a new paradigm and that´s what is happening with Bitcoin. He explains that Bitcoin is a payment platform and also a protocol like internet, and that there are many developments still to come. Finally he explains how to find Bitcoin in Guatemala and invites people to search for it and learn about this new world of money.

Produced by New Media | UFM 2014

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