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Should you invest in bitcoin? | IN 60 SECONDS

The price of bitcoin has skyrocketed and plummeted over the past several months. Many are left wondering: Is cryptocurrency the investment opportunity of a lifetime, or a bubble that is doomed to burst? AEI’s Mark Jamison explains what you own and what you don’t when turning your dollars into cryptocurrency. DISCLAIMER: AEI and Mark Jamison…

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Identifying Top Performing Cryptocurrencies – Cryptocurrency Investing For Dummies Book – Chapter 9

👉 Cryptocurrency Investing For Dummies: In this episode, I’ll be reading parts of Chapter 9: Identifying Top Performing Cryptocurrencies Some of the talking points include: * Using IDDA to identify the best cryptos * Flipping through thousands of cryptos with fundamental analysis * Selecting the right cryptos for you through market sentiment analysis * Pinpointing…

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